Steel Mountain Hunting Notes:
* Reservations should be confirmed early due to certain demands in seasonal bookings.

* Booking fees are required to confirm your hunt and reserve the week you choose.

* Our hunt includes: 1-1 guide, food, lodging, the handling/dressing of your game.

* Once here in Stephenville, Newfoundland the Commercial Charter for flying to/from the lodge is included.

* Non-hunting guests are welcome and photographic excursions are available

Must be .24 calibre or greater, semi-automatics are permitted [no automatics] ensure ammunition is compatible with a bullet weight over 100 grains and muzzle energy of over 1500 foot pounds.

In 2016, the bow hunting season will begin August 30th. To hunt big game with a long bow, curved bow or compound bow the regulations require that the bow have at least 20 kilograms pull (44 lbs.) at full draw. Arrows must be tipped with metal hunting heads with two or more sharpened cutting edges.

Hunting Gear – What to Bring!
Sports enthusiasts who are hunting with Steel Mountain – whether it be Moose, Caribou, Black Bear or some other Combo – you are expected to bring your own hunting gear, so we have included some suggestions below:

  • Hunting Jacket
  • Water Bottle
  • Personal Indentification
  • Hiking Boot (high rise rugged sole) / Hip Rubber Boots / Rubber Boot (16″-18″ high)
  • Binoculars
  • Sweater / Vest / Long Sleeve Shirts / T-Shirts
  • Quiet Rain Gear
  • Hunting Pants
  • Personal Items (additional medication if required)
  • Long Underwear / Thermal base layer / Layered Clothing
  • Socks / Wool Socks
  • Gloves & Hat
  • Hunting Knife (sharp)
  • Camera & Extra Battery
  • Footwear for around camp
  • Flashlight & Batteries
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Hunting Day Bag / Back Pack for Day Hikes
  • Firearm or Bow (Sighted-in & Proper Ammunition)
  • 2 Way Radio (Optional)

Call: Steel Mountain Hunting 1-709-647-3373